The New DeFi Standard
Launched in late 2020, Vesper is already charting its own course for the future of decentralized finance. The Grove was brought onboard during its inception to develop a forward-thinking brand as well as its user-friendly website and app design – positioning itself as a leader in the space.

Vesper banner launch logo
Vesper set out to create a new DeFi standard. Vesper users need a reliable platform to interact with their cryptocurrencies, even while new solutions and iterations are developed. This requires clear and consistent brand elements, but also the flexibility to evolve over time – as new products and new Vesper “holding pools” are added to the platform.
The Grove positioned Vesper as a leader in the space race to decentralized finance, inspired by innovations in space exploration and retro-futurism. The Vesper brand needed to feel innovative, but not intimidating to crypto holders, which can include institutions, funds, and individuals who run the gamut in terms of experience with cryptocurrencies.
Purple new Defi Standard
Teal Lightyears beyond crypto

website screenshots

The design team developed a custom wordmark for the Vesper brand, along with token assets to be used in the future for rewards and other incentives. Due to the majority of Vesper’s brand interaction occuring through its platform, the Vesper logo and token needed reduce well in size for mobile responsiveness, while remaining an identifiable piece of the brand. Color palettes were developed to reflect the expanse of outer space as well as the light that pulls a viewer in.

Vesper logo comp
Vesper icon

As the initial branding progressed, The Grove developed website and app wireframes to establish a flow of content and ideas for both the website and app. The design team coordinated with Vesper’s team of software engineers to identify specific functionality, data assets, and user flows through various screens of the Vesper app, honing in on how a user would use the data provided to make the best decisions for their crypto assets.

Website wireframes

App screenshot
Icon set

Merging form and function, The Grove developed the Vesper website to educate the user on Vesper’s products and provide an entry point to the Vesper app. Designs from The Grove were also used by Vesper’s software engineering team to fully integrate the brand into the platform being built. Data from the app is also fed back into the Vesper website to provide users with constant updates on their crypto holdings.

Website screenshots purple bg

app on cell phone
website banner cards with rates

As Vesper’s agency of record, The Grove continues to create visuals to extend Vesper’s reach – through countless Medium and social graphics as well as supplemental charts, diagrams, and downloadable resources for Vesper users. Due to Vespers iterative nature, The Grove continues to iterate on these ideas as well – proving to be a trusted partner in the creative process.

Vesper branding promos

vesper branded graph
vesper cube atom