The Premiere Designer of Crypto-Backed Banknotes
Noteworthy’s cryptocurrency banknote marries the utility and security from the paper money, digital asset, and blockchain industries. The Grove was brought on during its early stages to create a refined logo, extended brand palette, and a custom website to promote the pre-sale.

Noteworthy website on laptop
Noteworthy brings together the best of US and Swiss banknote design, incredible thin chip technology, a world-class banknote printing, design, engraving, and ASIC team. The logo and brand refinements needed to reflect this level of expertise and sophistication as well as its innovative nature.
The Grove went to work, exploring type treatments familiar to paper currency, paired with unexpected applications of Noteworthy’s signature “IOI” moniker – a reference to binary code, which is also used in different applications in the printed banknote design.

Noteworthy logo samples

A clean, concise wordmark was established along with an extended color palette – inspired by both the warm, cool, and often brighter tones used in paper currencies around the globe. As the banknotes were being meticulously designed by the Noteworthy team, The Grove drew inspiration from repeating patterns and the layered applications used throughout.

Noteworthy color palette
Noteworthy call to action card

As aspects of the banknote design were refined by the Noteworthy team, The Grove created a series of realistic graphics to give the banknotes a sense of space and context. These were used to highlight key aspects of the banknotes and its technology.

Noteworthy Bank Note

Utilizing the banknote graphics as a teaser for more to come in the future, The Grove designed and developed a pre-sale website to encourage users to reserve Noteworthy’s crypto-backed banknotes launching in 2022.

website homepage

Website page screenshots