A New Way to Engage Audiences Globally
Lifetoken is a new tokenized rewards platform designed to increase engagement across all areas of business. The Lifetoken platform helps all groups and businesses connect ā€” from influencers with their followers, companies to their employees, and brands with their customers. The Grove was brought onboard to develop a universal brand identity, website design and brand extension to appeal to the broad spectrum of Lifetoken users.

As the Lifetoken platform can be used by many different areas of business or groups, the Lifetoken logo needed flexibility and range. The logo exploration was broad in style and concepts to be fully adaptable to their future vision of the Lifetoken brand and mission. Our solution was an infinity signet.
The custom Lifetoken signet is based on continued engagement with all audiences. The logo is modern, simple and clean to be easily scalable for all platforms and mobile devices. The use of yellow energizes the brand to add excitement and continued engagement from users in a fresh look and feel throughout.

As part of the Lifetoken platform, users are rewarded Dyme for participating. The Grove created a simple, yet bold ā€˜Dā€™ signet to complement the Lifetoken brand identity, while feeling at home in the crypto and blockchain space.
The Grove developed visual brand guidelines for the Lifetoken team – serving as a roadmap for the brand color palette, typeface and usage guidelines.

The Lifetoken color palette and brand attributes were then extended to fun, bright visuals, including character illustrations to foster further engagement with the LifeToken audience. These illustrations paired with platform elements create visual style for the Lifetoken brand, emphasizing countless interactions, new opportunities for growth, and meaningful engagement with audiences.