Pioneers in Construction Jobsite Cameras
As TrueLook’s agency of record, The Grove continues to provide a wide range of services as the construction camera innovator grows and evolves over the years – designing and developing many brand touchpoints for the TrueLook customer.

While TrueLook has provided construction cameras for a number of years, it came time for the brand to reflect new product offerings and application developments. The Grove was asked to create a new logo system, color palette, and brand guidelines for the TrueLook brand.
The new TrueLook logo pulled inspiration from the viewpoint of the TrueLook camera, as well as the perspective of the construction manager – seeing the a building’s progress from a bird’s eye view.
color palette
slides in a power point

logo options

Alongside the brand update, the website went through a complete restructure and redesign due to the shift in focus. The Grove designed and developed the website to highlight the two parts of the TrueLook service – a selection of construction cameras and the TrueLook application features that tie everything together.

laptop with truelook website

green and orange file icons
user interface example

website pages

The website was designed to accomodate new products and features over time through dynamic elements, showcasing a variety of media such as time-lapses, video files, and zoom functionality. Custom graphics show the app’s user interface and all of its capabilities. An extensive resource library and gated assets were created to integrate with TrueLook’s existing sales platforms, leading to new email marketing campaigns that create more brand and product awareness.

TReulook website on mobile devices

In addition to the needs of potential customers, it was important to tie together all of the existing materials for current customers, as they can become return customers for many different construction projects across the country. The Grove updated all of the product manuals and instructional materials – keeping in mind how they will be used on actual construction sites.

documents with blueprint covers
mount bluprints

brochure layouts

With the expansion of the TrueLook team, new office space was acquired and The Grove was brought in to design several signage pieces for the new building, including a custom neon sign for the operations side of the office called “Ops Vegas”. The Grove provided options for treatments and coordinated with a local sign company to manufacture the piece. Other fun, branded touchpoints can be seen throughout the office, such as the a collection of packaging stickers tailored for each person on the operations team.

sales booth sign design

sticker rolls