RIF Labs

Building a Sustainable Future with Blockchain
RIF (Rootstock Infrastructure Framework – formerly RSK) aims to build a more sustainable future for monetary assets with blockchain globally. RIF came to The Grove in the process of the acquisition needing a new brand that both RIF and RSK could operate under.

Rif Token Banner
After initial kickoff meetings with the RIF and RSK teams, The Grove began to explore various concepts based on the approach of the new corporation – how RIF builds upon the advancements RSK previously developed and how the end user adoption would be made possible through RIF’s innovations.
Keeping those mission points in mind, The Grove set out to create a brand that felt at home in the blockchain industry initially, but also accessible from the perspective of the end user. Merging technology and approachability was paramount.

RIF Logo samples

RIF Symbols
RIF Symbol refinement

The Grove developed a logo that represented RIF’s mission though modular shapes that connect internally, yet outwardly share with the world. This unified shape conveys innovation, as well as optimism for a more sustainable monetary future. Individual shapes were broken down to create graphics representing the RIF stack and its individual aspects – creating an own-able iconography for the brand.

RIF Logo

RIF color stack
RIF Icons
As with all brand identity projects, brand standards were developed to accommodate the new logo as well as how the logo works within the context of the previous RSK brand – widely known in the blockchain space.
Secondary color palettes created a visual tie back to the RSK brand – incorporating a more modern version of the RSK green as a RIF accent color.
Rif main color palette
RIF secondary color palette

RIF brand standards in progress

When merging the two brands into one user experience, The Grove collaborated with the RIF team on site organization, project management, and documentation of assets for the website. The site map organized the site into two separate navigations: marketing content in the header and developer content in the footer – which then informed the hierarchy of information for each navigation item, page, and content sections.

RIF Site Map

RIF website on laptop

RIF Main website screenshots

RIF website interior pages