Kaleidoscope of Health Benefits
Aiming to reduce chronic health conditions, the team at ISOThrive developed microfood that nourishes specific bacteria in the gut. In tandem with the development of the product, The Grove developed a friendly consumer brand that ISOThrive could take to market.

Iso Thrive packet with water glass
ISOThrive had an existing logo – utilizing elements familiar to the vitamin and supplement market – however, nothing set it apart from other products currently on shelves. For that reason, The Grove recommended a rebrand that would appeal to a health-conscious and forward-thinking consumer audience.
Initial meetings with the ISOThrive team revealed several main health benefits of consistent prebiotic use: immunity boost, digestive balance, and weight loss. Incorporation of these three benefits were explored extensively by the design team.
Logo sketch
Icon sketch

IsoThrive logo options

The final logo consists of a “droplet” reminiscent of the drop of ISOThrive that users add to their water daily – it contains a kaleidoscope of the health benefits it provides. The faceted design of bright and vivid colors stands out amongst a sea of competitors in the supplement market and creates a memorable image for potential investors.

Business cards

color wheel
color palette
The Grove designed packaging to extend the new ISOThrive brand. Various package configurations and construction techniques were explored, taking into account how the consumer would interact with the product. The end result was
a compact box with upright sachets that a consumer would pull from each day.
This design allowed for optimal space for branding, along with the required health information and instructions for use. It provided a clean, simple box that anyone could keep organized on their countertop or in a cabinet.
IsoThrive Box
IsoThrive packets in box

Extending the ISOThrive brand, The Grove designed and developed a website with two main goals – educate potential customers on gut health, and providing an e-commerce platform offering various packages and subscription options.

IsoThrive Web Pages