Chamber of Digital Commerce

Blockchain Advocacy
As the world’s leading trade association representing the digital asset and blockchain industry, the Chamber of Digital Commerce requires a vast amount of materials to operate successfully. That’s where The Grove comes in.

Chamber Summit stage
Initially, The Grove team collaborated with the Chamber to write and create brand standards that provide clear guidelines on correct and incorrect usage of the existing logo, and how it should be applied to future projects, initiatives, and events.
With team members located across the country, the brand standards provided one set of rules across the organization. It includes guidelines for language, color palettes, typography, and business materials such as business cards, letterhead, and presentations.
Chamber brainstorm session
Chamber business cards

Chamber brand standards in progress

Chamber Icons

In addition to the day-to-day needs, The Grove also designed the logo and style of the Chamber’s largest conference of each year, the DC Blockchain Summit. The design team created an event logo targeted towards its audience of blockchain innovators and advocates from global corporations as well as start-ups.

Summit Logo Exploratory

Summit logo light
summit logo blue
Representation of the capitol building became an important factor in differentiating itself between other crypto and blockchain events, while bolder brand color palettes and gradient applications are used to turn up the volume for marketing materials.
The Grove played an integral part in hundreds of pieces of materials for events such as printed signage, on-screen graphics, presentation templates, name badges, sponsor materials, and social images promoting keynote speakers – all with a consistent brand.

Random chamber branded signage

Chamber summit name badge
Chamber summit sponsor badges

Chamber social media branding

As the Chamber’s agency of record, The Grove strives to further blockchain projects through strategic planning, unique branding, and exceptional design for a ever-evolving industry.
“The blockchain industry needs a lot of marketing and communications help in order to foster mainstream adoption of this technology. The Grove has a proven track record of curating complex technical topics into consumable content for a broad audience. We’re taking our branding to the next level thanks to The Grove.”


– Perianne Boring, Founder & President, Chamber of Digital Commerce

Chamber summit stage
Chamber summit panel on stage

Chamber summit stage speaker