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Bloq Inc.

Branding Beyond Blockchain
As Bloq’s agency of record, The Grove continues to provides a wide range of services to the blockchain innovator including strategy, marketing, design, web development as well as managing Bloq’s relationship with PR companies and community managers.

Bloq banner with phone
Due to the fast-paced nature of the blockchain industry, Bloq requires ongoing support for a number of projects. First and foremost, The Grove needed to take the existing Bloq wordmark and create a plan for how it would influence the rest of the brand.
Brand standards were established to unify previously created materials with future Bloq projects. This provided strict guidelines for all aspects of the brand – logo, product extension logos, color, typography, graphic styling and elements as well as business materials.
Light blue color palette
Dark blue color palette

Brand standards

A format for logo extensions was developed to retain maximum brand awareness in the market. In addition to the Bloq-branded logo extensions, The Grove continues to develop branding for a number of BloqLabs projects including Arch, Eclipse, and Vesper.
Bloq’s modern brand presence is conveyed through bright colors, gradient applications, and layered graphic elements. This look-and-feel is extended to business materials, event space planning, promotional merchandise, as well as keynote presentations for major industry conferences.

Business Cards

Blue t-shirt
grey t-shirt

Bloq icon grid

Bloq flow chart

Explorations for the Bloq website stemmed from the two main parts of the business: BloqEnterprise for corporate blockchain clients and BloqLabs for clients interested in more fluid, ongoing projects. The user experience was designed to treat both equally and as cooperative efforts in the market.
BloqEnterprise incorporated a darker color palette and more subtle graphic treatments, while BloqLabs takes a bolder approach – aiming to inspire community projects and advancements in blockchain and crypto for a number of different industries.
Website sketch
Bloq brainstorming session

Website wireframes

Initial site maps and wireframes established a general plan for necessary content and layout organization. The design evolved over time in coordination with the Bloq team, as they continued to innovate in various blockchain projects. The Grove continues to develop and manage the Bloq website and assets – keeping the Bloq brand as the primary focus.

Website homepage screenshot

Bloq website interior pages