Metronome: The Built-to-Last Cryptocurrency
The Metronome team of engineers created a revolutionary product, a built-to-last cryptocurrency focused on endurance and greater decentralization. But it needed a brand. The Grove stepped in to create a brand that accurately conveyed Metronome’s purpose in the market.

metronome mobile displays
Engineered for long-term reliability, self-governance, and portability – Metronome focused on exceeding the high standards of the crypto community. The Grove developed a brand to reflect just that.
Inspired by the simplicity of the metronome and its sound, the design team crafted sleek, geometric brand assets. Brand standards informed other attributes including typefaces, linear styling, color palettes, and usage guidelines.
Metronome Pencil Sketch
Metronome Token

Built to last banner

Since its inception, The Grove has worked to design and implement every iteration of the Metronome website – from its teaser site and initial token offering in 2017 – to the launch of the daily auctions and purchase dashboard.
The Grove team continues to collaborate with Metronome’s team of engineers to maintain consistent brand presence across the Metronome web properties and applications – aiming to provide clear cryptocurrency data as well as brand awareness.

Metronome Website

Abstract white, black and purple cubes

Metronome Web Pages

In coordination with website iterations, the design team provides materials for marketing purposes as well as investor relations.
Engaging presentations, giveaways, and social assets are a few of the public facing materials that are maintained for the Metronome brand.

Matthew Roszak Presenting

Metronome Stickers
Metronome Billboard