Reinventing Payments and Rewards
Radpay is a blockchain-based framework for payments and rewards, revolutionizing the retail experience for merchants and consumers alike. Channelling those two perspectives, the Grove created a brand identity that appealed to both.

Radpay business cards
The Grove prioritized research into sections such as traditional credit cards (Visa, MasterCard), money transfers (PayPal, Venmo), rewards programs (OpenTable, Fivestars), and alternative shopping experiences geared towards an ‘early adopter’ group (ThredUp, Giftagram).
In addition, blockchain needed to be an underlying influence to this consumer-facing platform. The Grove explored options aiming to excite the end user, while keeping a blockchain aesthetic – clean and modern with the ability to use in a token format.
Radpay logo sketches
Radpay color blocks

Radpay logo comps

Moodboards explored how various concepts could be put to use in real world settings, such as application design focused on consumers, store-front decals for retailers, and rewards tokens to share.

Radpay in design

Radpay accepted here
Radpay icon
After the final logo design was selected, The Grove extended the identity to a simple teaser site to share with potential investors – with additional information to be added as the company evolved over time.
The end result was a brand identity that stood out from traditional banking and payment processing brands – one that could both excite merchants and consumers to get in the business of blockchain.

Radpay Laptop

Radpay on mobile phone
Radpay touch icon

Radpay on iphone X