Wood Grain

About Us

The Grove is comprised of individuals with experience as brand managers for global corporations, marketing team leads, skilled designers, and sharp developers. Collectively, we love transforming businesses (large and small) into thriving brands.

Jaclyn Kramer

Jaclyn Kramer

President & CEO

  • Favorite Local Hot Dog Joint: Skippy's
  • Newest Addition to the Family: Anderson
  • Also Known As: Boss Lady
  • Also Not Known As: Jackie
Grisson Davis

Grisson Davis

VP & Creative Director

  • Podcast of Choice: ID10t
  • "So I was listening to this podcast" count: 8,913
  • Alter Ego: Rob Dyrdek
  • Half Marathons Completed: Nine-ish
Ginger Nixon

Ginger Nixon

Director, Marketing & Account Strategy

  • Pizza Toppings: Pineapple and jalepenos
  • Favorite Animal: Narwhal, but really all the animals
  • Weekend Activity: Brewery hopping
  • Most Overrated Food: Tacos
Katelyn Murray

Katelyn Murray

Art Director

  • Coffee Preference: Coca Cola
  • Side Gig: Oil Painter
  • Favorite Food: Ann Murray's Gumbo
  • TV Show to Binge-Watch: Any crime show
Will Guthrie

Will Guthrie


  • Also Known As: Will Smith
  • Dogs or Cats: Dogs, but also cats.
  • Local Brewery: Wise Man
  • Favorite Podcast: Grisson's Daily Recap
Brad Messenger

Brad Messenger


  • Current Book: American Kingpin, Nick Bilton
  • Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving (because pie)
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Montana (Bozeman, Big Sky)
  • Weekend Activity: Cycling / Mountain Biking
Winston-Salem skyline

We are a passion driven team based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. But don’t let that fool you. We work with clients near and far – all over the map.

Blockchain & Crypto

  • Bloq / Chicago, IL
  • Chamber of Digital Commerce / Washington DC
  • Delv Global / New York, NY
  • Eclipse / Chicago, IL
  • Esku / New York, NY
  • Metronome / Chicago, IL
  • Omniex / San Francisco, CA
  • Operem / Seattle, WA
  • Radpay / Phoenix, AZ
  • RIF / Argentina
  • VeriBlock / Delray Beach, FL

Consumer Brands

  • Champion / Winston-Salem, NC
  • Dr. Scholl’s / Mount Airy, NC
  • Hanesbrands / Winston-Salem, NC
  • Tiffany & Co. / New York, NY
  • Wrangler / Greensboro, NC


  • Bigfoot Biomedical / Milpitas, CA
  • EnPlast Technology / Houston, TX
  • Silkroad / Chicago, IL
  • Tensar / Atlanta, GA
  • Truelook / Winston-Salem, NC

Giving Back

  • American Red Cross / Washington DC
  • Cam’s Coffee Co. / Winston-Salem, NC
  • MusicMaker Foundation / Hillsborough, NC
  • Shelter Me / Los Angeles, CA


  • Carolina Chocolate Drops / Durham, NC
  • Dan Ariely / Durham, NC
  • Liz Kislik / New York, NY
  • Seth Godin / New York, NY

We care about your brand.